Samia Tossio Presents...

The Go With The Flow Radio Show

Two hours of creative chat, kind vibes, and Special Guests, with eclectic tunes, a spotlight on emerging/unsigned artists, and whatever else flows…


106FM London

101.2FM South East

Go With The Flow

VIDEO of LIVE feed

(sound may start a few minutes in) 


Samia Tossio Go With The Flow Show 001
GO 013 23rd Wedding Anniversary Special

GO 013     Paolo Tossio (producer/dj) 23rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL

GO 012     Patricia Fivey (mayor of sutton / sutton steps up)

GO 012     Dr Shamender Talwar (tuff earth / kind20)

GO 011     Scott McFarnon (singer/songwriter)

GO 010     Helen & Nicola Frisby (the frisby's)

GO 009     Stuart Blakeledge (the sweetchunks band)

GO 008     Neal & Helena Vaughan (visual artists, teachers, authoress)

GO 007     Rachel Gadsden (visual & performance artist)

                   Funke & The Two Tone Baby (one-man band)

GO 006     Rhiannon (happy on fruit) & Molly, 8,(earth guardians uk)

                   Anna Prior ((tuffearth/kind20) & Linda Baldvinsdottir (author)

GO 005      Sal Bolton (author/adventurer)


                   Andy Brook (producer, musician, recording studio)

GO 004     Alessandro Palazzi (head bartender, Duke's Bar)

GO 003      Lucy Gallant (singer/songwriter)

GO 002     Chloe Ray (singer/songwriter)

GO 001     Samia Tossio's 1st ever radio show (playful creative)

Copyright Samia Tossio 2020

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