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Arts Engagement

Specialising in Community Arts Engagement since 2008, SamiArt is passionate when it comes to creativity & the power of the arts to connect all ages and abilities in playfully creative ways
"Community is communication in unity through diversity and inclusion" - Samia
Project Management • Events & Workshop Planning • 
Facilitation & Delivery • Community Arts Engagement 


"Samia's enthusiasm & passion for this subject was very inspiring. She was empathetic to the needs of our clients & encouraged them to reach their own individual potential. We have all learnt a new skill which we will be able to continue to use."


Wendy Carpenter, Cloverdale Court Day Club Manager

"Thanks for all your help and hard work. Your way of working across different abilities/ages was really special. The day wouldn't have been the success it was without you. I am so glad I called on you"



John & Pier, Sutton Inclusion


"Thank you for all you are doing to enliven the town centre,"

- Lord Graham Tope

I was impressed by how well they engaged with people of all ages in such a creative way.

It’s art in the heart of the community."

- Cllr Sean Brennan

Leader of Sutton Council


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