The Go With The Flow Radio Show presented by Samia Tossio
Carshalton Artists Online Studios 2020
MKSkate 2019
Fashion Crafts with SamiArt on at Skater Theme
A Good Yarn 2019
Creative Conversations
CAOS 2019
London Games Festival 2019
Finger-Knitting Cultural Connections
Arts Network Sutton & CAOS
Come Dream With Us
London Games Festival 2018
Streetstyle PopUpParty
DJ's, Dance & Crafts PopUpParty in Sutton
SamiArt & NCS The Challenge
InspireAndShare with Summer & Autumn NCS Sutton Teenagers
SamiArt & The Finga Ninjas
Knit'n'Natter #FingaNinja2016
SAVVY Theatre
Various Projects
SamiArt & The Silk Road
Community Arts Project
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