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Crafting the Seasons

"I  never have the time for creative activities with my daughter at home, so this has been perfect for me"

Parent of Toddler

"I didn't really think I could be creative, it's not that hard is it!"

Parent of Toddler

"This has been great, I've really enjoyed coming in and helping with the all the kids every week"

Parent of Toddler

Working with the children, teachers & parents at Oakling Pre-School, SamiArt ran #CraftingtheSeasons over 3 terms

Workshops were funded by Oakling Preschool with the help of a small grant from Arts Network Sutton 

Each week we worked with the participants - ages 2-3 & their parents - to craft the seasons using materials that can be found around the home, recycling, upcycling and generally having a huge amount of #EarlyYears fun 
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