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Super long multi functional STUNNINGLY stylish - whichever way you chose to wear it - be normal, be funky, be wild - just be yourself and enjoy playing :)

2 tones - grey and grey with a blue/orange fleck

I wear mine as a scarf, wrapped a few times - kept me nice and warm at the end of July at #HEFF2017 Festival (English summer, you know). Wear it over the shoulder too & I also wear it long, and as with many scarves and shawls, if you just tie a knot at each end, you can create 'sleeves' - just slip your hands through each end and lift the scarf over your shoulders and voila. Accessories like mini crocodile clips or costume jewellery can be stylishly used to keep the scarf or shawl in place .

Multi style scarf / shawl / wrap / dress

Out of Stock
  • Finger Knitted
    Length: 200cm; Width: 40cm
    Materials: Acrylic Wool

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