The Silk Road

Historically the Silk Road was a trade route running through Eurasia starting in Xian & ending in Constantinople (Istanbul). Goods were traded from silk (the first item to be sold) to paper, ceramics & everything between.
Through trade came the spread of innovations, ideas, cultures, religions and so The Silk Road had a crucial role in shaping the World's development. Along its route diverse communities sprang up to become trading posts - just imagine how people learnt to communicate with each other!
This was the inspiration for SamiArt & The Silk Road - Communicate, Inspire, Share, Participate 
FUN FACT: the first SIlk Road, May 2008, designed with local community groups and painted in Sutton High Street was 10m long. At that time, Samia's only silk painting knowledge had been a weekend workshop 4 years prior!

"Thank you for all your hard work.  Everyone here has been buzzing about you.  


It was a great delight to work with you and your husband.  Also a very big thank you to your brother with his gorgeous ice creams.  He was very popular.


Look forward to working with you again"

The Silk Road Journey

Sutton - Hackbridge - CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL (Devon) - Carshalton - KEY LARGO (Florida) - Wallington - Rose Hill