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Love Life, Life Loves You in Carshalton

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

June 2021 - Yumi Mashiki says she wants to get involved in making for the CAOS Yarn Bomb project that I'm running...

Love Life in Crochet captured by Gordon Reid

She says she has basic crochet skills, suggests she could crochet some letters and asks if there's anything, in particular, I would want on display - #LoveLifeLifeLovesYou in crochet is born and 'railed' in July! I particularly love that Yumi let me know how amazing she felt while focusing on the letter creation, the motto giving her good vibes with every stitch. Ahh, love, love, love! Yumi is a composer, she's pretty kick-ass, she composed music for the Olympics 2021. And she crocheted my motto in the same year. I say that's pretty cool beans and I loved meeting her for the first time when she came to the Ponds to drop the bag of goodies off, stayed for a catch-up, a natter, and helped add them to the railings. It was our mutual artist friend, Neal Vaughan, who connected us.


About the author

Samia Tossio is an artist, playful creative, and yarn bomber doing things with a spirit of playfulness, love, and imagination. She aims to inspire and share through creative communication and her motto is Love Life, Life Loves You!

Samia presented The Go With The Flow Radio Show during the Lockdowns of 2020. The show featured special guests, eclectic tunes, creative news and positively kind vibes, and was often co-hosted by her husband, Paolo Tossio

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