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Love Life, Life Loves You in Camden

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

....this has been my motto since 2008. It's only this year, 2021, that I get to spread my wings after a 13 year journey home educating my children, so various SamiArt dreams of mine were consciously put on hold until I had the freedom to play without the responsibility of educating at home....

2021 Mar-May: my motto is on a 5-metre wall space in a bar in Camden Market. I was given space to play, so I played.

"Samia, I want something instagrammable, the wall is yours to do whatever playfully creative thing you like with, I trust you completely & I won't be looking at it until you tell me it's ready!" - Rob Ryan, Manager

Upcycled bicycle wheels, a brolly, finger knitted ropes, doodle art with colour change LED light strips. All by eye. Created over 12 non-consecutive days while my husband Paolo Tossio mixed grooves on the veranda of Lockside Bar, Camden Thanks to helping hands of my mates Lisa Bauer (back to our teens) and Chloe Ray (singer/songwriter) and lighting tips from my mates Dan Sanders (Troxy) and Mariusz. Huge thanks to Rob Ryan and all the Lockside crew! If you visit, I recommend the Buddha Bowl and if you take a photo, share with the hashtag - #LoveLifeLifeLovesYou


About the author

Samia Tossio is an artist, playful creative, and yarn bomber doing things with a spirit of playfulness, love, and imagination. She aims to inspire and share through creative communication and her motto is Love Life, Life Loves You!

Samia presented The Go With The Flow Radio Show during the Lockdowns of 2020. The show featured special guests, eclectic tunes, creative news and positively kind vibes, and was often co-hosted by her DJ/Producer husband, Paolo Tossio

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